A great conversation has two people that share equally.  It is called a dialog.

What if we did this with eight people?  Then, it’s an Octologue!

The essential building-blocks of a thriving ethical society are the Octologue and the Holotropic Matrix (HoloMat ).  These organizational models convey a number of extraordinary benefits to their participants. For instance:

  • They are non-hierarchic – each member having the same status as the other.
  • Their decisions are unanimous – thus avoiding the pitfalls of majority rule.
  • Their actions are highly ethical – each participant understanding the ethics and committing to act in accordance therewith.
  • They provide tremendous feedback to each of it’s members – and thus almost totally resistant to bureaucratization and corruption.
  • Their participants regularly engage in a communication process that amplifies the creativity of the entire group.
  • They can be organized to achieve any desired ethical goal or objective – as businesses, schools, charities, etc.
  • When competing with hierarchic groups of similar size and having access to similar resources, an Octologue or HoloMat will win the competition, hands down!
  • Participants enjoy working in an Octologue/HoloMat environment far more than they do in a traditional hierarchic environment.