COVID-19 Coronavirus Response

Greetings from mutual aid society.  We are building a community of 50,000 people across the Greater Phoenix Area, to serve each other in mutual aid, and have been doing so since 2015.

We’re very concerned about the latest developments regarding COVID-19 (Coronavirus) and what it means for our community in and around the Greater Phoenix area.

We realize that during turbulent times such as these, we must purposefully network together in order to be in peace, comfort and safety during these troubling times.  We cannot rely solely on municipal response and the normal supply chains if we want to thrive during this period, which, it seems, could last months.  We have to purposely work together to make sure we’re all safe and secure, and there are many ways that we are doing that.

Please be sure to update your information on our info sheet at your earliest convenience.  We do not share any of this information, ever, except with mutual aid leaders for the purposes of community development and outreach only.  Your personal information will not be used in any way for any other purposes.  The $200 / $100 prize reward is still in effect, as well.  Details at link.  If anyone wishes to sponsor more info sheet rewards, which will help grow our community, please contact us.

We’re working to make sure people are connected to others nearby who are participating in mutual aid.  If you have any special skills, tools, or resources, please share on the info sheet so we can best plan for community barter, tool sharing and other solutions which can help us all through this season. 

We’ve already begun taking wish list orders for coordinate group purchases.  Over the coming weeks, we will be organizing many community group buys which aim to provide organic staple goods and other important strategic items.  If we can coordinate and buy in bulk as a community, and bring our own packaging / food storage containers we can save even more.  We’re starting out simply, this week, but will be expanding the group buys in coming weeks. 

We are holding regular meetings during this season of response. Please complete our info sheet here to be notified of upcoming meetings, and join our Facebook Group for community information and updates from our leadership and member base.M

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