You have not found our site by chance!

You have been given our site because someone thought you needed some help, or hopes that you can help with this ambitious and exciting goal.  Our working goals are as follows:

Maximize the nature and benefit from our connections to one another, raise awareness of peaceful society alternatives, improve the standard of living, develop and publish best practices for critical aspects of a thriving community.

We are inclusive and we love to work together towards a better life for our members, communities and for all of mankind.

Our goal is to connect 50,000 people across the Greater Phoenix Metropolitan Area in Mutual Aid.  We’re also working on open source software which will help us to best serve our community.


Please complete our info sheet so we can best serve you.  We actively use this information to add value to our community.  All information is strictly confidential and is not shared outside of our mutual aid organizational leadership.  Please be as complete as possible as it helps to further our causes described above and to help our members most effectively.  Click here to complete the info sheet.

Facebook Group (Most updates come this way for now)

Here’s our coverage map for March 2020.  A point on this map near you means someone is doing mutual aid activity in your area.   You can click on the map to view it full size.  Be sure to complete the info sheet above to express your interest and ability to do mutual aid in your neighborhood.


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