Emergency Response Team

When seconds count, the police are just minutes away.  And anyone who has been paying any attention over the last 15 years has noticed that the nation’s police forces have gotten, well, a lot more forceful.  The type of atrocities that we were shocked by in 1991 when LA Police beat Rodney King have become commonplace.  Since 9/11/2001, more civilians have been killed without due process by police in the United States than the number of United States Armed Forces personnel have been killed in wars overseas.  And more family pets have been killed too, as estimates of 25 dogs a day are killed by police in the United States.  And sadly, when these tragedies occur, more often than not, the officers at fault are never prosecuted for their crimes.

The Emergency Response Team is a Mutual Aid group that is on the watch and responds to community emergencies.  We offer a community oriented emergency response network that’s built with concerned citizens who care about their neighbor and members of their communities.  We use smart phone technology and an app called Cell 411 to coordinate and organize our responses.  We have regular meetings to promote this group and to share and develop best practices so that when danger strikes, we have a formal response and can act swiftly and accordingly.

Subgroups include:

DCS (Department of Child Safety) Victims Unit

This unit responds to incidents where CPS/DCS is deployed to parents homes.  There are on average, over 30 children taken from their homes per day in the State of Arizona.  In many of these cases, it is necessary to take the children into safety.  However, there are also many cases where DCS agents will show up with no warrant and with a squad of police demanding someone’s child.  This could be due to an anonymous complaint, or even for a parent having a legal medical cannabis card or many other reasons.

The DCS Victims Unit is mobilized when a mutual aid society member puts out a Cell 411 report.  Members of this unit are encouraged and expected (where possible) to respond to these calls, and show up at the home to help the parents navigate the situation and to present a show of support of the family to the DCS workers present.  If a peaceful citizenry can match or outnumber these agents when they are sent to steal people’s children, it sends a clear message to the DCS that we do not take kindly to them interfering in the lives of the families in our community.

The group also provides court and financial as well as moral support to families whom have been destroyed or damaged by the interference of DCS.

Other subgroups to be announced based on need and participation.  Please contact us to inquire about other ERT groups that may be forming or to start one of your own.