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Local Voluntary Resources –

Books – Nonfiction

Flourish – An Alternative to Government and Other Hierarchies –

Freedom –

The Most Dangerous Superstition –

Swarmwise –

Behind the Green Mask –

Creature from Jekyll Island

Bioenergetics (Lohen)

Creative Transformation (Garcia)

Nonviolent Communication

Adventures in Legal Land (Mark Stevens)

Government Indicted (Mark Stevens)

Mutual Aid, A Factor of Evoluntion (Kropotkin)

Anarchism: It’s Philosopy and Ideal (Kropotkin)

Kropotkin’s Revolutionary Pamphlets

Backyard Homestead – Grow all the food you need on 1/4 acre

Tragedy and Hope (Quigley) (Reference)

Behold a Pale Horse (Bill Cooper)

The Financial Matrix (Orrin Woodward)

Three Rights (Edwin Viera, Jr.)

Our Enemy The State (Albert J. Knock)

Books Fiction

The Iron Web –

Chronicles of Thomas Covenant 

Justifiable Homicide (McGee)

The Moon is a Harsh Mistress (Robert Heinlein)


Short Films & Documentaries Less than 1 Hour

Films & Documentaries

Lectures and Videos



Three World Wars

Family Guardian

The Online Freedom Academy

Titania, the Open Source Creative and Ethical Society

Tragedy and Hope Made Easy

Richard Grove Tragedy and Hope One of Bob’s old site

Dr. Tenpenny Truth about Vaccines

Youtube Channels

Red Pill Recordings

Secrets of Saturn

Storm Clouds Gathering

Larken Rose



Newstream Media

Freedom’s Phoenix

Drudge Report

Wendy McElroy

Free Thought Project

We Are Change –

The Conscious Resistance